Following the initial sketching, I begun to focus on the primary elements of geometry. I investigated the basic building blocks of “geometry” before delving deeper into the topic.I believe I work in this manner of forming the basic foundation before developing it as I prefer to be thorough with my investigations before exploring further into my own practical work.

I undertook research via the internet, through journals and mathematics textbooks I had from my education to establish the basics of geometry.


“the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogues.”1

The word geometry developed from Latin and Greek, “gӗ” meaning earth and “metria” meaning metric. Therefore the word literally translates as earth measuring.

Geometry consists of solid and planar elements.

Planar Geometry

Solid Geometry

Geometric transformations alter the appearance of basic shapes.





I develop solutions to creative problems by assessing the work of others, utilising it as precedent for my own work and then expanding from there with my own experimentation.

I use the work of others and focusing on the scientific and mathematical background of the project to generate new ideas using a combination of these techniques. Upon embarking on a project I will evaluate the ideas by comparing them with the work of others in my field and considering if they compliment the goal I had set out to achieve. By looking at the initial building blocks of geometry I was able to plan where to take the project next. I considered how I could build these forms into characters.

For theses primary investigations I used simple tools to record my findings, in my sketchbook before representing in illustrator to form the simple shapes. I found this was a good stage to transfer the simple primary shapes to illustrator. This allows me to test my illustrator skills and practice ready for the later part of the assignment.

Once I had considered all the primary elements of geometry and represented them in illustrator I decided I was ready to begin considering further the implications of the project.


1. Oxford Dictionary, 2011. Oxford English Dictionary. London: Oxford University Press.