The development of the final image required a decision regarding the treatment of each component. As the components are repetitive it was important to treat them in a visually pleasing and appropriate manner as they form the overall basis of the piece.

The components for the final piece are as follows;

a. Square

b. End

c. Connector

d. Welded connector

The shape of the components was decided through investigation into similar shapes and their aesthetic appeal and retaining a connection with geometry. It was intended that each component represent geometry, so that the audience could read either the word of the composition of it.

I experimented greatly with a variety of fills, colours and structures for the components of the piece. External influences and consideration came partly from the vast amount of travelling I was undertaking before the final hand-in.

Moving frequently across the country I have had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing a variety of graphic advertising styles on lorries along Britain’s motorways. Two in particular caught my attention as they illustrate the opposing treatment of components I was considering, firstly Waitrose (John Lewis) and secondly National Express.

Waitrose, 2011. Waitrose Lorry. [electronic print] Available at: <> [Accessed 10th December 2011].

Waitrose, 2011. Waitrose Logo II. [electronic print] Available at: <> [Accessed 10th December 2011].

Anon, 2008. National Express Lorry. [electronic print] Available at: <> [Accessed 10th December 2011].

Anon, 2011. National Express Logo. [electronic print] Available at: <> [Accessed 10th December 2011].

Waitrose, opts for a clean cut straight line logo with angles consistent with the Waitrose typeface. This approach is utilised throughout the John Lewis brand.

Opposing this National Express chose a rounded strategy, replacing all angles with smooth curves, meanwhile their lines are finished with connector components similar to my own.

It is interesting, how two very similar simple angled line components can appear entirely different by their treatment, emphasising the importance on my choice of structure for the final piece.

Ultimately I chose the rounded components, I believe the combination of these smooth modernist components sprawling vastly duplicated was the best representation of the repetition of geometry.

Later development of components