I also begun to consider the formation of the final piece. Should the area surrounding the message be of the same form? Or should it take on a slightly different format? I investigated how other current designers were using geometric patterns to occupy areas.

Fetisova, M., 2008. 03. [online] Available at: <http://www.behance.net/resq_> [Accessed 6th December 2011].

The above Maria Fetisova pieces were interesting for development. I made several attempts at forming overlapping pieces such as (a) and (b) however these seemed to lose the strict geometric nature which I was aiming for. I enjoy the variation used in (c), and the seemingly random placement of the components. Within my final piece I wish the size of the components to appear random in this manner, I had considered using a random number generator for the lengths to ensure they were completely random, however this became increasingly difficult to integrate and I chose instead to draw as randomly as humanly possible.

Looking at the Maria Fetisova pieces, which are certainly aesthetically pleasing, I can’t help but to question if the increasing use of available software packages isn’t leading us to an inevitable design block. Where the software encourages a style of design, at what point do we need to break completely from this? I shall investigate the use of available software in a later post. [now available – Digital Technique]