Following the initial investigation and during the subsequent development into cryptic typography, I again researched precedent from other current designers.

The connection between the primary sketches and circuit boards became apparent; leading to an investigation into pieces utilising the nature of circuit boards.

I was interested to see the use of circuit boards by other designers. One example, Budibudz “Circuit Board” font utilised the connecting elements of a circuit board to form letters.

Budibudz, 2010. Circuit Board Font. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 6th December 2011].

Here the use of the circuit board is very literal, Budibudz has used the effects available in Illustrator to create a realism with each element of the typeface. I do not wish to recreate this representation style of a circuit board, however it is interesting to compare to the work of other designers. Each letterform is instantly recognisable as assembled from circuit board components, however I find the spacing between each component makes the letters themselves unappealing if used as a typeface to form a word or sentence. Therefore for my own development I wish to ensure I include the following;

– Smaller components to ‘break’ each letterform into smaller geometric elements

– Larger spacing between the components to prevent the piece looking compressed and disproportionate with repetitive use of the letters and components