Following investigation into possible design based precedent I decided to further explore physical precedent. Having investigated the Science Museum identity branding by Johnson Banks as a current influence, I chose to visit the Museum and consider the construction of circuit boards in reality.

Anon, n.d. The Science Museum Exterior. [electronic print] Available at: <> [Accessed 6th December 2011].

I often find it easier to engage with a subject matter if I am able to see the physical object. In this instance I wanted to investigate circuit boards, so it seemed appropriate to view them throughout their history. I believed by visiting the Science Museum I would be able to visualise better the direction I wanted the project to take along with having a greater understanding of how the object worked that I was about to involve in my own work.

An area of the Museum is dedicated to computing technology, and within that there is an exhibition based on Integrated Circuits. As the exhibition explains, prior to integrated circuits connections were made via transistors or valves. The invention of the integrated circuit board removed the requirement to mount individual components on the board. Large scale production of these integrated circuits resulted in change in the computing world.

Smith, N., 2011. The Science Museum: Pioneer Ace Computer. [photograph].

The Pioneer Ace changed the world of computing upon its release in 1950, however it did not utilise the integrated circuit technology.

Smith, N., 2011. The Science Museum: Integrated Circuit Board. [photograph].

Unfortunately the images I was able to take are of poor quality owing to the museums photographic restrictions.

Smith, N., 2011. The Science Museum: 30 Channel Regenerative Repeater. [photograph].

Science Museum, 2004. Atlas Circuit Board. [electronic print] Available at: <×535/10303417.jpg> [Accessed 6th December 2011].

The trip itself was interesting, it helped me engage further with the subject matter. I enjoy the patterns which can be seen on the circuity and the development from transistor to integrated circuit boards. The more regimented nature of the integrated boards is something I will develop with further. Having the understand of the physical connections required in circuitry I believe would help my practical assignment.